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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 30

I had a total of 35 hours off of work over the weekend. I know that may seem like alot to some people. Especially because most people have about 48 hours off every weekend. Maybe a few more hours. I worked the last 10 of 11 days. Feel sorry for me yet? Kidding. I don't need the sympathy. It is my job and I roll with it.

The only problem I have with working so much is not being able to see people. Especially Jared.Our work schedules are rough as it is and only seeing each other for a few hours a week isn't exactly ideal.

After his birthday dinner he came back to my house and crashed on the couch for the night. Our intention was to get up and go to church the next day but I think exhaustion kicked in on my end. I didn't wake up until just before 8am. That is basically unheard of for me.

He every so sweetly offered to make me breakfast.being the smart woman I am, I accepted his offer.
I knew I had done the right thing when he brought this back from the store.

Perfection. Best bacon ever!

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